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OBD reader, what is OBD reader?

29 October 2015 709 views No Comment

OBD : On Board Diagnostic,

as most of current car have OBD II system that can read car condition,

Usually, when you go to the car workshop they use tools to read car condition (troubleshooting, and others).

Is it very interesting to have that tools, but it will be costly if you are not have a workshop.


For This time i just want to share, simple OBD reader.  You can buy it from online shop around USD 15-50.

using your android phone or iPhone as display, you can check the parameter while your car is running.

many model of OBD II reader :

obd1  obd2

before you buy, check the compatibility with your car, it’s important to make the OBD reader can read your car parameter (compatibility).

For connection to your smartphone can use Bluetooth, WiFi, or using USB cable.  So check your OBD reader, which connection they have.

as below picture, the OBD reader connect to your smartphone through WiFI.











For The smartphone it self, you can use latest Android smartphone or iPhone for display engine parameter.

Application, you can download from Google Play or Appstore from your smartphone.

Example: Torque, Dashcommand, Vgate, etc from Google Play or Appstore.  Don’t forget to check compatibility as not all application will suitable to your car.












as above picture i use Torque application on Android phone to connect with OBD II reader using Bluetooth.


But…., before we go to far, we should know  where to plug this tools?

You have to find port (below picture) nearest the wheel steering or maybe inside the dashboard drawer in your car.











after you found it, just  plug your OBD reader into this port/socket,










as simple as that…..


So what this simple OBD can do.

* It can read your car parameter.

  Sometimes not parameter from your car can be read. It will depend on the OBD and application itself.












as above, i put some parameter to be monitoring.

I can check the Engine RPM, fuel flow, intake temperature, boost, Volts, etc.

if you like to check how the engine running and condition it will be so fun…


* It can check trouble with your car.

Usually if the car have some trouble, the Engine Check will appear in your car dashboard.  

Usually by using this OBDII+Smartphone, you can know what is the problem and you can clear it.  It really help me while i go for long travel,  i can check by myself before bring it to the workshop.  Especially when night time no workshop is open.

Check Engine light is appear after starting engine or driving.










We use the OBD + Smartphone to do scanning, what is the problem is, why the “check engine” light appear.

Note: Don’t do while the car is running, it can broke the car. (when doing  the scanning process).






Scanning process.








Finish the scanning, and the problem appear.

PO401 code is the problem that make the “check engine” light appear.

Note: If you are not sure with this problem, please bring to the nearest workshop to be check.

If you are  sure and know about this code,  you have choice to clear this trouble code from the menu of application.

But remember by clear it, it only clear the trouble temporary.  Not fix the problem.







NOTE: Please do it by your own risk, as my suggestion if you are not sure, please go to the nearest workshop to be check and repair.  Above is just sample to clear the trouble code.


And after it clear, do once again scanning to make sure it really clear.







Usually after clear code the “check engine” light will disappear.

The last result : No code.  So it should be ok.


Hope it will explain how to use simple OBD reader by your self :)