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DownPipe Exhaust Captiva Turbo Diesel Vcdi

23 October 2015 1,431 views No Comment

Hi all,


Today i just want to share regaring the downpipe of Chevrolet Captiva.

Downpipe usually is exhaust pipe after Turbo ( as in Captiva).

You can see it in the below picture.









Blue circle is Turbo, and red circle is Downpipe.

As you can see it directly connect to the Turbo it self.

if you wondering what is inside the stock of Downpipe? Let’s see it.

DP3 dp4



As you can see, inisde stock downpipe is catalytic converter.

And if the car is running several year, and using bad diesel gasoline it will make clog the catlytic converter.

Actually there are many option to clean it, but for me, change the Downpipe will give more extra benefit.


You can see the stock Downpipe in left side, the aftermarket in the right side.











the different is  :

  1. The aftermarket not using catalytic converter insde. It just use pipe, it means no clog.
  2. The bench is more smooth  to make gas flow much better.

Better flow, usually it means more power, and also help turbo to breath well, as flow of gas  much better in the after market downpipe.

As in the stock downpipe if the Catalytic converter is clog, it mean the turbo need  more hard to push the air out of the downpipe, and it will restrict the gas flow.

By using the aftermarket downpipe, it makes more additional power to your car. ( I think this is the easy way to increase torque and HP on your car)

Just come to nearest exhaust workshop to measure and change the downpipe because each car has different shape of downpipe.  And regarding the size of pipe, if you have a stock car, it will around 2,5″- 3″.  (ask the exhaust workshop for sure).  If too big, it will help only high rpm, and low rpm will suffer and also if to small it will help low rpm but hurt high rpm.  So, it depends on your usage.

But don’t forget  to check the air filter.  It need to be clean and not cloged, as after install aftermarket downpipe, the output flow become better, and the input air also have to be better.

For the air filter you can use several aftermarket air filter that give more fresh air to engine.

And i use K&N air filter to support that.











Another tips, you can use exhaust wrap to your downpipe.

as it will hold  hot temperature from exhaust gas inside the downpipe.  (it will help colling your machine compartment).  And also more hooter inside downpipe it will make more better flow exhaust gas.

below is one of the picture using exhaust wrap.











in chevrolet captiva turbo diesel Vcdi, there are two tipe of model, for older one the shape is like “S” – left side, and for the new one is, the shape is like straight shape – right side.











Hope it can help you to understand the downpipe, specially in Captiva turbo diesel Vcdi.


see you again and hope you enjoy it.