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Your Canceller for HID is broken? Let’s Fixed it.

8 March 2013 2,854 views No Comment

I just buy the canceller for HID, this canceller need because of in my E46(mostly Europe cars), it will trigger the warning light in speedometer dashboard due to the power consumption of HID use 35Watt.  While in original bulb it use 55Watt.

Due to this difference,  it trigger the warning light to turn on.  They think it like the bulb broken.

So, after several months use, this canceller is broken.  So, the light will also turn off.   Actually, you can buy it new one, but for me i would like to see it first, is it possible to fix?


after i open it, so this is inside, (it depend of canceller you have, may be it will be different inside).









After i look it closer seem the capasitor is broken (burn).  Perhaps, due to wear of use +hot of compartment machine make this life become shorter.








So I just Change the capastior, with the new one.  and after that, the problem is fixed.

For me this is simple repair, rather than you buy new one.  It means you can save cost !!!


It is easy DIY that you can do it by yourself…








Just for reference, the original capasitor 4700microFarad 16V.  In my case i change with higher microFarad 20V.  But it depend on the case of canceller, it can suit or not.  bigger capacity of capacitor will also make the pyhsic bigger.

Why i choose bigger capacity, to make it last longer.

as my advice, put the canceller away from the source of hot, to avoid shorten life of canceller.  You don’t want to drive in the middle of the night with the light off, i believe….


Hope this share can be useful….


see you in another topics…