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Swirl Effect “Black Edition” series.

24 February 2013 5,106 views No Comment

Dear All,


after previous explanation on Swirl effect device topic, so i can say it for this “Black Edition” series is smart inovation in creating swirl effect more better.  This “Black Edition” physically  more longer, if compare with prevoius version.


what i feel after i install this black edition, some improvement you can feel directly.

1.  Boost more feel in below 2,000 rpm. around 1,800 rpm.

2.  Fell the 2nd boost in 2,400 rpm.  This boost you can feel more bigger.

3.  And above 2,400 you can feel the acceleration much better.  in every rpm you can feel the power.

4.  In high RPM it give much better power if compare with previous version.

And why i say it like smart way to make swirl path more longer without make it more thicker.  So the swirl is more powerfull will create.


Black Edition Series

















Previous Version









Easy way, to know how it works.








and this is another looks for “Black Edition”
















After install in my E46N46 just fit, and Plug and Play, nothing to change.











I just install it one week, i will make additional report later, we will see does it also improve the milage.


Hope it will useful sharing….