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Installing Swirl effect

28 April 2012 2,430 views No Comment

I just installing device to make swirl effect after the butterfly.

why after butterfly? because most of after market install it before butterfly throttle that make the effect of swirl is not maximize.

Installing is very easy  because it just attach after the throttle body and before the plenum chamber.

Installing is not difficult.

After install it, first impression give the throttle respond  better than standard.

some note i feel, from 2,400 rpm – i feel some boost,

some report from who is install they also feel the reduce in power consumption.

this is the picture that i install in e46n46.

** Remove the throttle body first…

**Release the throttle body from the plenum chamber

** After seperate

** Picture of Throttle Body

** Another Picture of Throttle Body

** This is the things that i say, make swirl effect

** From the other angle

** After it attach with throttle body

** If we see it from the plenum chamber, but after we try to install it, it cannot fit, so  some part of must be reshape.

** After reshape a little bit to fit with the plenum chamber

** Another view again from plenum chamber ( after reshape)

** These pictures is final after attach to the plenum chamber.

Hope this share can help you…