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How to make Rear Wiper Toyota Yaris like Europe Car

28 April 2012 1,774 views No Comment

I just met my friend, and he just make small modification to make the rear wiper like Europe cars.

Simple to do, and you can do by your self.

First thing is you must release the wiper,

from inside you must dismantle the cover and you will see the machine inside the cover, and remove it using the right tools.

After you remove it, open all screw from the machine

After you can remove it you can see the inside part, this is already move the positioning.  the original one is in the red circle, and move to the positioning of the brown circle.

Install all screw again, and install it to the place ( back cover), and install the cover.

As final don’t forget to install the wiper again, and you will see your rear wiper is already 120 degree, and if it turn on it will move to the left.  In original the wiper on the position 0 degree, and move to the right.

Hope this can help you….