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Install Anti Roll-Bar powerflex bushing in e46

28 February 2012 2,323 views No Comment

I just want to renew my bushing in the anti roll-bar front side of e46.

so i already buy the powerflex bushing to replace the standard one.

1.  Of course you have to buy powerflex bushing for anti roll bar base on your car specification.

2.  Please prepare and park your car on the appropriate place. And jack your car.  after that release the front tire.

3.  You can see the anti-roll bar from side.

4.  You have to take out the stabilizer link to make it easy and can clean your anti roll bar.

5.  Release the front bushing bracket anti roll bar, and you can take out the standard bushing

6.  Replace with the powerflex bushing, and put in the anti roll-bar, and put the bushing bracket to hang it.

7.  After the left and right side finish, continue with install anti-roll bar link to the bracket in the shock breaker.

8. check all again the condition, and after that install again the wheel.

Hope you enjoy it !!!