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How to modification SSG paddle shift to install in 318i e46n46

27 February 2012 2,575 views No Comment

How to modification paddle shift SSG

For E46 user, want to use paddle shift SSG, you can try this modification, so you can use it in your car.
Don’t forget to disconnect negative battery before you do this modification, to avoid airbag lamp and blow up.
1. Dissemble the paddle shift from the steering
2. Open the paddle shift, so you can see the electronic board.

3. From this electronic board you can see there is some resistor. From the left paddle shift there are 2 resistor and the right one only one resistor.

4. What you have to do is just take out the resistor form it’s place, and need some modification in the wiring.

5. From the right paddle shift, there are 3 cable,(red, brown and green). This wire will connected to the left side paddle with the same color.
6. If we see from the left side paddle you will see there are 5 cable, 3 cables are from the right paddle and the 2 is go to slip ring. From this slip ring there are 2 cable (white and yellow).
7. The next step is, just cut the wire which is white and yellow, and make connection with cable red and yellow.
8. Yellow cable connected to red cable, red cable is push (downshift) and  White cable conected to brown cable, white cable is pull (upshift). You can change this wire to change the sequence.

9. And it needs ground as a source to paddle shift, you also need to connect green cable and connected to ground.
10. And don’t forget to check all the connection.

Don’t forget to connect negative terminal baterry and check the connection to test it works.

hope you enjoy it !!

This is Video of SSG Paddle Shift work in e46 n46….

NB: spesial thank to Mr. Benny Sriamin to guidance this step…