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[29 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 709 views]

OBD : On Board Diagnostic,
as most of current car have OBD II system that can read car condition,
Usually, when you go to the car workshop they use tools to read car condition (troubleshooting, and others).
Is it very interesting to have that tools, but it will be costly if you are not have a workshop.
For This time i just want to share, simple OBD reader.  You can buy it from online shop around USD 15-50.
using your android phone or iPhone as display, you can check the parameter while your car is …

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[30 Dec 2012 | No Comment | 3,261 views]
Honda CB150R

Dear All,
Just want to share what information that i can share about this motorcycle.
This motorcyle is base on CBR150 machine with some modification.  DOHC, 150cc, Injection.



Air Filter:
I just want to show how it looks

This is Inside


So i have Pivot Voltage Stabilizer, so install it on this motorcyle.

Later i will update this information,
Hope it help you…