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[23 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 1,432 views]

Hi all,
Today i just want to share regaring the downpipe of Chevrolet Captiva.
Downpipe usually is exhaust pipe after Turbo ( as in Captiva).
You can see it in the below picture.

Blue circle is Turbo, and red circle is Downpipe.
As you can see it directly connect to the Turbo it self.
if you wondering what is inside the stock of Downpipe? Let’s see it.

As you can see, inisde stock downpipe is catalytic converter.
And if the car is running several year, and using bad diesel gasoline it will make clog the catlytic converter.
Actually there …

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[24 Feb 2013 | No Comment | 5,106 views]
Swirl Effect “Black Edition” series.

Dear All,
after previous explanation on Swirl effect device topic, so i can say it for this “Black Edition” series is smart inovation in creating swirl effect more better.  This “Black Edition” physically  more longer, if compare with prevoius version.
what i feel after i install this black edition, some improvement you can feel directly.
1.  Boost more feel in below 2,000 rpm. around 1,800 rpm.
2.  Fell the 2nd boost in 2,400 rpm.  This boost you can feel more bigger.
3.  And above 2,400 you can feel the acceleration much better.  in every rpm …

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[28 Apr 2012 | No Comment | 2,430 views]
Installing Swirl effect

I just installing device to make swirl effect after the butterfly.
why after butterfly? because most of after market install it before butterfly throttle that make the effect of swirl is not maximize.
Installing is very easy  because it just attach after the throttle body and before the plenum chamber.

Installing is not difficult.
After install it, first impression give the throttle respond  better than standard.
some note i feel, from 2,400 rpm – i feel some boost,
some report from who is install they also feel the reduce in power consumption.
this is the picture that …

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[28 Feb 2012 | No Comment | 2,021 views]
Install i-drive II throttle control in 318i e46n46

I just got this thing, and i try to install it by myself.
this is the step:
1.  Of course you have to prepare the i-drive II throttle control.

2.  we must take out the paddle throttle to connect the wiring with the i-drive II.

3.  After you can take out the paddle, disconnect the terminal from the throttle paddle, and make connection with i-drive II module.  and you need to connect with the power source 12V to make the connection can active.

4.  Make sure when you …