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[20 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 553 views]

I just do this to know more about cable and charger.
As in the market you will find  many brand,  from cheapest one until the expensive one.
And i take small test to my cable and charger that i have.
i use this tools as measurement. ( Charger Doctor USB).

As Sources, i use two charger :
A. iPad charger.

B. Aftermarket USB Charger 6A USB total 30 Watt. (have 6 USB port).

And for cable, i have 4 type Cable:
Original Apple Cable, Mili Cable, Vivan cable, Welcome cable, and unbranded cable.
For the output test i use …

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[8 Mar 2013 | No Comment | 2,854 views]
Your Canceller for HID is broken? Let’s Fixed it.

I just buy the canceller for HID, this canceller need because of in my E46(mostly Europe cars), it will trigger the warning light in speedometer dashboard due to the power consumption of HID use 35Watt.  While in original bulb it use 55Watt.
Due to this difference,  it trigger the warning light to turn on.  They think it like the bulb broken.
So, after several months use, this canceller is broken.  So, the light will also turn off.   Actually, you can buy it new one, but for me i would like to …

4-Wheel Automotive, Do It Your Self (DIY) - Risk will be your own, Others »

[28 Apr 2012 | No Comment | 1,774 views]
How to make Rear Wiper Toyota Yaris like Europe Car

I just met my friend, and he just make small modification to make the rear wiper like Europe cars.
Simple to do, and you can do by your self.
First thing is you must release the wiper,

from inside you must dismantle the cover and you will see the machine inside the cover, and remove it using the right tools.

After you remove it, open all screw from the machine

After you can remove it you can see the inside part, this is already move the positioning.  the original one is in the red circle, and …