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Adding power Source 12Volt in Central Panel of Chevrolet Captiva

20 October 2015 648 views No Comment

I just buy one cigarette lighter to add more power source in my Chevrolet Captiva.
And i think this is simple works to be done.

As in picture, there already prepare circle looks that can be use for lighters or others things.

i just thinking, Let’s utilize it to make it usefull.




I want to put additional power in the red circle, but you have to take out the white line part to make it easier.


A. This is the part after it take out from the console.



                                                                      This is the View from Top part,



                                                                 This is the view from bottom Part


B. Drill the hole

Prepare the tools to make hole.

using drill and hole saw.
Note: please make sure the hole is same with the size of lighter.

after that please use tools to clean up the surface, to make it clean and smooth.





These pictures after the hole was created.  ( Picture from Top view and Bottom view)





C. The last, don’t forget to connect the cable,

usually red wire use for  12Volt (+)  and the black wire (-) minus.

 If Possible add fuse as protection.

Note: As in Chevrolet Captiva, you can just connect to the wire insdie the box that connected to the others Power supply.


D. Final looks

This is how it looks, it’s ready to use.












Hope it can help you guys to create your own DIY in your own car…

happy DIY…


Thank you and hope you enjoy..