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Angle Eyes Ballast broken?

29 February 2012 2,288 views No Comment

I already use the Angle eyes in my headlamp.

in one day, the angle eyes cannot turn on, i check every connection no problem, and i think that the ballast is not working.
but it’s difficult to find the same ballast like previous one (black color).

So, i try to find, and i looking in motorclye shop who sell lamp. And i found ballast that use to turn on angle eyes in motorcyle (blue color). cost is more than half if compare with the prevoius ballast.

i get and idea to use that ballast in my car angle eyes, and i try it, and it works, so don’t be worry you can use the motorcylce angle eyes ballast for your car. Voltage is same 12V.
Before you install it, better check are the spesification same.

and you must move to cable from the old ballast to the new one.

Hope you enjoy it !!!