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OBC Stalk Installed in 318i e46n46

28 February 2012 1,887 views No Comment

In 318i e46n46, as a standard, don’t equipt with this OBC stalk.  Only regular stalk that use as turning light, dim.

What is the difference of this OBC stalk,

If we installed this OBC stalk into 318i e46n46, you can get additional function, like outside temperature, your fuel consumsption in L/100KM.

This OBC stalk is standar for the 325i 2002.  So you can buy the used one, ( but check first the condition). and install it in you n46.

For this installment you should go to authorized service BMW, because it need to be actived by the program to make it it work, if not if you only install it, it don’t have any function.

hope you enjoy it!!!