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Install i-drive II throttle control in 318i e46n46

28 February 2012 1,999 views No Comment

I just got this thing, and i try to install it by myself.

this is the step:

1.  Of course you have to prepare the i-drive II throttle control.

2.  we must take out the paddle throttle to connect the wiring with the i-drive II.

3.  After you can take out the paddle, disconnect the terminal from the throttle paddle, and make connection with i-drive II module.  and you need to connect with the power source 12V to make the connection can active.

4.  Make sure when you put i-drive II module, is safe, not to near to paddle throttle.

5.  After finish wiring, put the display in the place you can see. It have three setting, so place it where you can touch the button.  The three setting : Eco, Normal, SP

6.  So you can set base on your need, and drive safely.

Hope you enjoy it !!!