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How To install Ring Speedometer in e46

27 February 2012 1,746 views No Comment

For the standard speedometer for e46 is with no ring speedometer.

If you want to modified to use ring speedometer, here is the way to do it.

1.  Prepare the ring speedometer and tools to open it.

2.  Open the top of speedometer

3.  Pull the top part out

4.  Just pull the speedometer, and disconnect the cable connection from it

5.  Put the speedometer on a safe place, we don’t want to have it scratch.

6 .  Put face down, and you will see the backside of speedometer.

7.  open the screw, and you pull out the backside

8.   take out the electronic board

9.   You will see the back side of the speedometer housing

10.  take your speedometer ring, and install it from the backside one-by one

11.  after finish, install the electronic board again, and the back side.

12.  screw again the backside, and clean up the speedometer

13.  put again in place, don’t forget to connect the two cable, before finishing it.

14.  all finish.